10 Things People Don’t Tell You About Getting a Puppy

Around 4 weeks ago Charli who owns and runs Top Dog Apparel rescued Pippa a 5 month old lurcher X from Cheshire Dogs Home. Everyone who works here at Top Dog HQ has lots of experience with dogs but nothing can quite prepare you for having a puppy! After hearing some of the stories in the office of Charli and Pippa’s adventures, I had to put this blog together – 10 Things People Don’t Tell You About Getting a Puppy.

Charli & Pippa

1. What are you eating now!

So puppies and babies seem quite similar, ANYTHING they can put in their mouth is edible. Some popular favourites seem to be leaves, twigs and poo, yes puppies eat poo. Their own poo, bird poo, horse poo literally every kind and well FOX poo this is the equivalent of caviar in the human world. Sometimes puppies like to roll in fox poo and when they do its a real treat to try and wash off.

2. Bambi on ice

It takes puppies a while to grow into their legs. Puppies are so clumsy, they trip over everything.

3. “What Mum you want 8 hours sleep? I don’t think so”

Another similarity pups have with babies, when they wake, you wake. If you don’t wake up prepare to have your house shredded.

4. Social life? If you’re lucky

Dogs need constant attention and fussing. Feeding, two walks per day minimum (dependant on breed), mental stimulation and not to mention training! They can be extremely tiring especially if you are also trying to balance a work / family life. Your life now becomes about going on nice dog walks and meeting friends with their dogs, which can be a nice rewarding change from nursing a hangover on Sunday morning!

It’s all hands on deck for a dog owner and they want every last spare second of your day. But they are completely worth it. Dogs love you unconditionally.

5. What is that smell?

So dogs break wind…and yes it’s horrific. Your alone in the house just you and the pup, you hear a rumbling noise, a strange sound, not one minute later you face plant whatever inanimate object you can find to stop that smell getting anywhere near your nostrils! Dog trumps are the worst thing ever. I find the favourite place dogs like to trump is in the car when the windows are up, for a brief second you will feel as though you are actually going to die from suffocation.

6. Dream a little dream

Your puppy has fallen asleep beside you and you look at them with admiration, they’re just so damn cute! You love the peace and even though they have just destroyed one of your pillows or your favourite book, you don’t care. Then all of a sudden they start kicking their legs so fast and barking, dogs dream a lot! Some dogs also like to sleep with their eyes open which can freak you out.

7. House training

Master this early on and your puppy will be dream in the house. Dogs are like babies so as soon as they way up they need to go to the toilet, take them out straight away as soon as they have eaten and you’re onto a winner. You will get to learn your puppy’s behaviour quite quickly, they tend to go around the area they last went so taking them to the same place each time can help speed up the training. If your puppy is food orientated praise with a treat when they go outside, Remember patience and lots of positive reinforcement does the trick.

8. Bedtime

Getting your puppy home with all their new toys and brand new bed is exciting, until bedtime rolls around that is. You choose where they are going to sleep and what they are going to sleep in, some people choose to crate their dogs or use baby gates to keep them in a certain room.  Whatever you decide you need to stick to it as your puppy will thank you for the routine in the long run. Puppies seem to know that your bed is comfier and they know where it is and how to get in it! They will cry and push your boundaries but as upsetting as it is,  its tough love!

9. Teething

Dependant on breed puppies lose their teeth from around 3 months and this can last till around 7 months. When puppies are teething it feels like a life time and it can test your patience. They love to chew everything! The TV remote, clothing, shoes, letters… the list goes on. You need to be on it 24/7 or you can say goodbye to your sofa. You can soothe teething and I find special teething bones, chews, raw hides seem to do the trick!

10. The rewards

The bad antics a puppy gets up to and the filthy habits they may have are all outweighed by the accomplishment of the firsts. The first obey of sit, paw and roll over are just as rewarding as teaching a baby to crawl, stand and walk. The responsibilities are huge with a puppy, but it’s all worth it when you have your new best friend and partner in crime by your side.. until they become flatulent again that is.

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