7 Life Hacks For Dog Owners

Life can seem hectic when owning a dog, your days and nights consist of feeding, walking and not to forget cleaning! Even though the chores are endless you can’t beat coming home to a wagging tail. We wanted to share some of the best life hacks for dog owners that we have found and that help make our lives much easier here at Top Dog HQ.

1. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpets and furniture

Pet hair can become irritating when its all over your carpets, furniture and pretty much everything you own. We often wonder in disbelief how our pets can shed so much hair, even hoovering the house everyday doesn’t seem to get rid of it.  Using a squeegee to remove dog hair from carpets and furniture has to be one of our favourite life hacks, much simpler and will save you so much time.


2. Put some dog toothpaste on one of your dogs favourite toys to help fresh their breath

Why didn’t we think of this sooner! We would recommend using one of your dogs favourite toys for this as they are more likely to use it, consult your vet for a recommended dog toothpaste.

Dog Toothpaste Chew Toy

3. If your dog has a habit of eating too fast, spread their food mixture over a muffin tray, this is a cheaper DIY slow feeder

Take a cake tray and spread your dogs food evenly over the tray. If your dog is a fast eater this will help to slow them down, this is a great cheaper alternative to slow feeders currently available on the market.

Muffin Tray Slow Feeder

4. If you have an anxious dog, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on a dog bandana and this will help calm your dog

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses natural oils to enhance physical and psychological well-being. Pure lavender oil is said to have a calming affect on anxious dogs and has been proven to work wonders on dogs that are scared of fireworks and thunder. Essential lavender oil works best when near your dogs nose, so add a few drops to a dog bandana. Do not directly apply lavender oil to your dogs paws or skin as it can cause irritation. Shop Dog Bandanas here.

Vintage Rose Dog Bandana Pink Dog

5. Nappy bags are usually stronger and cheaper than dog poo bags.


6. Make a homemade dog ice lick and fill with treats and toys, see our recipe here

Homemade dog ice treats are great for summer, they help keep your dog well hydrated and occupied providing them with hours of fun in the garden.

Frozen Dog Treat

7. Use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from clothing

If you run out of lint roller rubber gloves are a cheaper alternative, dampen the gloves and brush along clothing to remove pet hair.

Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair


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