Buy Dog Accessories for Pretty Pooches online

Oh, the fun to be had! Our great range of dog accessories means you can accessorise and style your dog to match their mood and the day, brightening up their collar or giving them a touch of doggy bling.

Our unique dog collar accessories means you can add charming and pretty flowers to brighten up any dog collar, which come in a host of colours and patterns, including vintage florals and and pretty polka dots. They can be securely fastened to your dog’s collar, so they won’t fall off and get lost.

On the dog jewellery side, we have gone all dog bows and dog bling so that you can treat your pet like the prince or princess that they are. Our bejewelled dog hair clips will make delightfully dazzling additions to your dog’s do. In addition, dog bandanas or scarves are a great way to accessorise and style your pooch up, as well as give them some extra protection from the sun or the cold.

We’re proud to say that all Top Dog dog bandanas are high-quality UK products. They can be made to fit all dog breeds, from puppy to adult-size dogs. We’ve got funky florals or leopard print designs to choose from, perfect for complimenting any dog collar, lead or harness and getting your dog to stand out from the crowd!