Dog Hoodies

Buy Dog Hoodies for Comfort, Style and Warmth online

Who’s the coolest dog in the neighbourhood? That’s right - with one of these super fun, comfortable and warm dog hoodies, it’s going to be yours. We love these great, warm well-made hoodies for dogs, which come in a range of styles, colours and patterns to express your dog’s personality.

We offer a wide range of warm and cosy dog hoodies in a full sweep of sizes, designed to fit very small to extra-large dogs. Check out our colourful dog hoodies, warm dog hoodies, large dog hoodies and cosy dog hoodies, all of which can be bought online from the Tog Dog Apparel store.

Our snuggly dog hoodies are available in red, blue, pink, navy, black and even camouflage (for special missions). All of them come with a warm hood and are super soft and fleece-lined, so will keep your dog nice and toasty and feeling pampered. These dog hoodies are machine-washable and include the highly desirable ‘Puchi’ range - a top name in couture fashion for dogs.

We love these hoodies as a practical and stylish solution for keeping our furry friends warm on cold winter days, all while being incredibly soft and good quality. These dog hoodies are incredibly comfortable for your dog to wear, and easy for you to put on and take off - not that your dog will want you to take it off!

Best of all, these hoodies are available in a range of sizes to suit any dog size and breed, from massive Great Danes to tiny terriers. Just be sure to use the size guide provided.