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Dog Collar and Lead Sets

Dog owners know that their dog’s collar and lead are two of the most important dog accessories they will need. Collars are very important when it comes to identification for your dog, and a lead gives you control when it’s not safe to let your dog go running off.

Why not add a touch of luxury to your dog’s wardrobe with one of our beautiful dog collar and lead sets? We have a gorgeous range of styles available, including diamante dog collar and lead sets, luxury sets and leather combinations for gladiator glamour.

The beauty of a buying a dog collar and lead set is that your dog will be perfectly matching. You could also jazz up their look with one of our dog collar accessories, such as a flower, bow or bow tie. Our head-turning dog collar and lead sets are bound to make an impression and are designed to look good on dogs of all sizes, whether small or extra large. The accompanying leads are 4-feet long, which is the ideal length for keeping your pet close while allowing them some freedom as you walk.

Whether you like black, red, silver, studded or jewel-encrusted, these matching lead and collar sets are just the thing for a stylish dog and owner.