Dog Leads

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Dog leads are essential when walking your dog. There are many areas where it isn’t safe to let your dog off the lead, and even some where you are not allowed to. Having a your dog on a lead in these areas is important not only for their safety, but for the safety of others. It’s important to choose the right dog lead for your needs and preferences.

Top Dog Apparel stocks all different kinds of dog lead, including diamante dog leads, floral dog leads, fabric dog leads, strong dog leads and thick dog leads, depending on what you require. For a very strong dog who pulls, you should consider buying a strong, thick dog lead that isn’t going to be too flimsy for the strength of your enthusiastic pup.

If your dog is a smaller breed or more restrained on walks, you will be fine with one of the more delicate leads. All of the leads available come in different patterns, colours and fabrics. Be aware that leather leads are not ideal for dogs who pull a lot, due to friction.

If you want your dog collar and lead to match, you can choose from one of our matching dog collar and lead sets. Or you can mix and match your favourite styles, the choice is up to you!