Beds and Carriers

Buy Dog Beds and Carriers for Sleepy Mutts online

Whether it’s for your pet’s comfort at home, or a special purchase for a long trip, a soft dog bed and trusty dog carrier are savvy must-have dog supplies.

Our dog beds and carriers will become your dog’s new favourite place to hang out. Dog beds will bring even the loudest of barks and busiest of feet to a standstill as your pet luxuriates in the comfort of their own dog bed, specially designed to fit and support their dog physiology. Our dog beds range from luxurious soft dog beds, to comfortable and cosy donut beds for large and small dogs. You are guaranteed to find the perfect sleeping solution for your dog, no matter what their sleeping style.

A waterproof dog bed is a great option for an active outdoor dog, likely to bring wet pawprints into your home. Waterproof dog beds are also suitable for accident-prone dogs and bed-wetters, as the whole bed can be taken apart and washed. Check out the different materials, sizes and designs to find the perfect cosy doggy bed for you; and you can rest assured that all Top Dog dog beds are machine washable and manufactured in the UK. Don’t forget to also get some dog duvets and pillows to create the perfect cosy nook for sleeping and to keep the chill off your dog at night.

Our purpose-built pet dog carriers are for style-conscious toy and small dog owners who want to carry their miniature pooch around. With a dog carrier to suit every style, from bling to understated elegance; you will be able to take your dog on any trip with you safely and easily.