Dog Beds

Buy Dog Beds for a Dreamy Night’s Sleep online

At the end of a busy day of running, playing or just barking around the house, what better way to lie and relax than in a comfortable bed designed to meet your dog's every need? Just like humans, dogs like to have their own regular, comfy, safe spot to go when they feel tired and want to sleep or rest.

When choosing the right dog bed, it's important to observe your dog's sleeping habits. Like their humans, they have their own preferred position to sleep in, whether it's on their front, on their back, or curled up. It's best to choose a dog bed based on their most preferred sleeping position - observe your dog to find out how they like to sleep and what materials they like to cuddle up in.

Top Dog Apparel have a wide range of luxury dog beds available, with our products including rectangular dog beds, soft beds, donut beds, mattresses, small and large dog beds and a number of hard-wearing, wipe clean solutions for the mucky pups among us. There is also a lovely range of dog bed patterns to choose from so that the bed fits in with the existing look and feel of your home: including tweed, striped, dog and bone print patterns, Union Jack patterns, or just a simple solid colour - it’s up to you. A comfortable dog bed is an important investment for your beloved pet, so make sure you get the right one in the right size.