Dog Duvets and Pillows

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Not every dog is the same, and they often like to sleep in different ways. Some dogs like to curl up small, whereas others like to sprawl. If you’re dog is one who likes to stretch out when he sleeps, then a dog mattress would make the best kind of bed for him, as it has no sides to block his legs. Top Dog Apparel offers a lovely range of dog mattresses, dog duvets and dog pillows to make bed time their favourite time (after eating and walking that is).

We have all kinds of luxury dog mattresses and designer dog beds, with matching pillows and dog duvets. Large dogs will love our dog mattresses, as they allow more room and are less restricting. All of our dog bed products are made in the UK and conform with the highest quality standards. Filled with thermal polyester, these cushioned dog mattresses and dog duvets hold onto the heat in winter, but stay cool in the summer by allowing airflow.

Many of our dog duvets and pillows come in different sizes for smaller and bigger dogs. If your dog is medium-large, you should certainly opt for the bigger size to ensure they have enough room.

Our dog duvets, pillows and mattresses are all available in varied colours and patterns, so you can choose one that best matches the style of your home decor - whether that’s soft beige, deep red or calming lilac.