Soft Dog Beds

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Hands up who wants a hard bed? Nope, didn’t think so, and neither does your dog. A soft bed is the perfect choice for your pup, who likes to snuggle up just as much as you do! These soft dog beds are most suited to dogs that like to curl up when they sleep, as opposed to sprawling out in all directions.

Top Dog Apparel has a beautiful range of soft dog beds available. If your dog enjoys curling up while they sleep then a soft dog bed may be the correct style for them. All our dog beds are machine washable and made in the UK using high-quality materials. There are lots of different bed variations, including soft dog beds, cushion dog beds, donut dog beds and luxury dog beds.

Our soft dog beds are available in sizes S to XL, the largest of which is a good size for breeds like labradors and spaniels. Larger dogs often need a dog mattress to accommodate their size. The best thing about them is that not only are they cosy, but they’re machine washable and therefore an absolute cinch to keep clean and odour-free.

Whether you like dog print, striped, tweed, tartan, animal patterned or a basic one-colour option, it’s easy to find a soft dog bed that will fit in nicely with the rest of your home decor. You’re happy, and so is your dog.