Buy Dog Cakes & Treats for Special Occasions online

Everyone deserves a treat now and again! Us humans love to celebrate with food, but dogs are celebrators too, and they love food just as much as we do. We stock a range of special dog treats and dog cakes for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and parties.

Perhaps it’s your pooch’s birthday coming up? Why not treat them to a birthday cake - either small, medium, or shaped like a tasty bone? We personalise all of our dog cakes with your dog’s name and age, to make them feel extra special. The cakes come in two flavours - carob and peanut butter - and are made using dog-safe ingredients that are fat and sugar-free. Choose your ribbon and icing colour when you order.

For a more general special occasion, try our delicious doggie doughnuts - iced treats made with 100% dog-friendly ingredients. Our tasty and high-protein dog doughnuts come in a pack of 12 and will be hugely appreciated by your furry friend - just maybe don’t feed them all at once!