Dog Ipad sleeve

Give your pet loving friend a gift to remember with these doggy Ipad sleeves exclusively from Top Dog Apparel. Browse our selection of Ipad sleeves and give a unique gift this year.

Buying the perfect gift is an art, especially finding that special one for your loved ones. It can take some time to come up with a great idea, but when you get there it feels so rewarding; and perhaps the most rewarding part is the look on their face when they open your gift.

With your next gift, why not tap into what they love the most, as well as getting them a practical and durable item for their favourite tech? And what is the thing that makes their world complete and brings them the most joy in their life? Why, their dog of course! We have the perfect selection of techy gifts that are great for dog lovers. With these unique, dog themed Ipad sleeves your dog loving friend will be ecstatic. With natural dog designs and dog print sleeves, and lots more designs to chose from, your friend will be able to protect their Ipad from any curious and mischievous pups and dog wagging disasters.