Lavender Hearts

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Struggling to find the perfect gift for your dog obsessed friend? Why not take the time to appreciate their love for their four-legged friend with these lavender hearts? These unique gift ideas for pet lovers are sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face after seeing the doggie designs and prints. The lavender hearts are actually a great addition to any home, whether they are a dog owner or not.

They are fabric and cast a soft scent of lavender throughout your home, making it perfect for those that own dogs. It eliminates doggie odors and keeps your home smelling fresh and sweet all day. Our hearts are perfectly handmade, with many original designs to chose from like Labrador, Fox Terrier, Border Terrier, French Bull, Bulldog and Beagle and others with exclusively cranberry ticking fabric and filled with English lavender. Though these little hearts make incredible gift ideas for your pet loving friend, they are not appropriate for dogs themselves allowing your pet lover to enjoy this gift all to themselves.

Hang on the walls or display anywhere in your home to brighten up your home and keep it smelling great.