Personalised Dog Birthday Cake Medium


  • Personalised
  • Two flavours Carob (dog alternative to chocolate) and Peanut Butter
  • 5″ medium size
  • Dog safe ingredients
  • Fat free and sugar free icing
  • Require 5 working days notice

Product Description

As us dog owners know, a dog isn’t just a pet – a dog is part of the family, someone that is there for us through thick and thin; our dogs make us laugh, make us cry and sometimes even make us shout, just as any other family member would. Our furry friends are wonderful additions to the family so it is only normal you would want to help them celebrate their very special day, their birthday.

Some owners class their perfect pooches birthday as the day they were born while others class their birthday as the day they arrived in their family, whichever day you choose why not celebrate it with a Personalised Dog Birthday Cake, a delicious treat that will make them feel like part of the family, but it’s probably best you don’t try and get them to share it with you and the rest of the family because it is made with dog friendly goodies and may not taste like the cake us humans are used to eating.

Make sure you give us 5 -7 working days notice to ensure your dog birthday cake reaches you in time.

Personalised Dog Birthday Cake Ingredients

The Doggie Birthday Cake is made from only the best A Grade human ingredients, because it’s what your furry friend deserves. It is a delicious, yummy, scrummy cake that is perfect for your beloved furry pal on its birthday. The cake is made from only the best quality ingredients for your dog to enjoy, all of which are lovingly mixed together to create a cake for your dog that is out of this world when it comes to their tingling taste buds.

Wholemeal Flour

Baking Powder



Rapeseed Oil

Yoghurt Icing

Peanut Butter

Rolled Oats

Dog Cake Flavours and Features

Here at Top Dog Apparel Accessories we are dedicated to providing only the finest treats for dogs, time is taken to make sure everything just perfect. All the treats and cakes we offer are baked with love and care, we are passionate about dogs and we want them to have the very best. This birthday cake for dogs is available in two flavours, either yummy carob, which is a delicious and dog safe version of chocolate designed for pooches or lip smacking and tail waggingly delicious peanut butter flavour. Rest assured your dog(s) will love either. Each cake is covered in a scrumptious fat and sugar free icing which will last even if the cake isn’t refrigerated, however we would recommend keeping it in the fridge so that it will last for longer.

Around the outside of the cake are plenty of small mini bones, which add a lovely touch. They are each made by hand and are peanut butter flavour. The peanut butter flavour mini bones can be removed from the edge of the birthday cake and kept as extra treats if you wish to carry on the celebrations.

Personalised Dog Cake is a Perfect 5″ in Size

The 5″ dog cake is perfect for medium sized dogs and the cake is designed so that it can be easily cut into perfect portions for your dog and his or her friends to enjoy now, or slices can saved to be enjoyed at later dates. If you are having a dog party then check out our larger dog birthday cake.

Just as you would with a family member’s birthday cake, we will also completely personalise the birthday cake with the ribbon colour and icing colour and the wording of your choice on top of the birthday cake to make this as special and personable as possible for your gorgeous pooch. You can choose between pink, purple or blue for the colour of the icing and ribbon.

Please note

Make sure to let us know your dogs name, age and when you want the cake to be delivered, we do ask for notice of 7 days for orders however please be assured cakes are made fresh and shipped using a 24hour delivery service. We would LOVE to see pictures of your pooch enjoying their cake so please tweet them or send them via facebook.



Additional information


Carob, Peanut Butter

Writing & Ribbon

Pink, Purple, Blue


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