Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Pet lovers should always ensure that their animals are well-looked after and are receiving the correct exercise, healthcare and diet. It seems simple to keep our furry friends happy and that’s because it is, we break down how to keep your dog nice and healthy both physically and mentally. Dogs are a ‘man’s best friend’ and that rings even more true when we give them the ten things that they need.

Four in ten dog owners revealed that they are unsure on how much exercise their dog needs according to a recent poll. There are numerous factors that can intervene with ‘walkies’ as owners work long hours, are tired on their return and then the unpredictable weather throws a spanner in the works from time to time.

There’s more to it than just exercise too as caring for a dog is more like adding to the family and our four-legged pals should be adored and not merely stored in our home.

Belly Rubs

It’s a win-win situation, your pet will love getting belly rubs and who doesn’t like stroking their pet dog. In-fact it’s been scientifically proven to help those suffering with anxiety and depression. But it’s not just for our benefit, dogs love to greet your return home with a wagging tail and maybe even a bark but they simply want fuss. It’s probably the easiest way to please our pets and one that can be done whilst simultaneously watching TV.

Dog Belly Rubs

 Eating Treats

Scavengers by nature they tend to annoy many owners with their constant need to sniff around food. But this is part of their makeup and you can counter this by training them and also distributing treats appropriately.

Some like to cook them separate meat or offer some of their own food to the dog, but you can even purchase different snacks and treats that they will be sure to love. You can then use this bag of treats to help speed up their training and they may even stop looking to take from your plate. It can sometimes be hard to resist those puppy eyes as you dig into your food.

Meeting Other Dogs

It’s unimaginable to think that some dogs are kept in complete isolation when it comes to meeting their own species, although it can often be done for good reason sometimes it’s done unintentionally.

Try to ensure that your dog gets to meet other animals, when you take them to the park let them sniff around each other and of course carry out their bewildering ‘hand shake’. Either way let them do what they do and just be sure that the other owner lets you know that their dog is safe.

Dogs Meeting each other

Exercising Regularly

One of the things that most owners probably know but a lack of time or energy stops them from carrying it out. Dogs should be constantly exercising and a neglect of this aspect can actually hurt your dog’s health. For longevity, an all-round healthy dog and less vet bills, you will need to take your dog for long walks and play with them in the garden.

It’s recommended that we give our dog two lots of exercise each day, something that can be difficult for those with demanding jobs. But this is another thing that’s healthy for you, go for a long walk after work and distress. Plus you can also spend some time in the morning or day playing fetch with them, this will help you ensure they have enough exercise.

Playing in Parks

Taking them to the park is great for exercise but it will also be fun for your dog. Although they enjoy many routines, especially the one that involves you getting home, they do like to enjoy a big park. So rather than thinking the small back garden is enough to keep them busy, you should venture outside.

Some literally take their pet on a lead but it’s key to find somewhere that they can stretch their legs. Find a big space, grab some sticks or a ball and give your friend the run out that they deserve.

Dog Running in Park

Exploring New Locations

Let them rummage around somewhere new, as much as they’re known as beings who certainly celebrate their gratitude for a walk with their flapping tails and spring in their jump, it doesn’t hurt to take them somewhere different. This gives them chance to inspect a completely new spot, they are animals after all and going from one home to one park can get rather meticulous for them regardless on whether they are a pet.

Healthy Diet

Something overlooked, but just like their owners they require a healthy balance and to maintain a good weight. There are so many overweight dogs being fed foods that their body simply cannot digest properly. Feeding them chocolate is a huge no-no but there are foods and cooked meats that they can enjoy.

In-fact, raw meat is even said to be what dogs need. But even overfeeding them and neglecting their walk time can have adverse affects on their overall health, so look to ask a vet how much your type of dog should be eating and look for the healthiest snacks possible. This will play a key part to keeping your little friend nice and happy.

Dog Healthy Diet

Lots of Love

Dogs are needy, they’re not just for Christmas, as you’ve probably heard. They need a lot of attention, a lot of care and cannot simply be left in a room all day. If you want to train them then you can’t just shout and scream, they pick up on tones but it takes more attention than that.

Give them lots of love just like they do for you. Stroke them, speak to them and treat them like part of the family, some owners even enjoy talking in some kind of baby talk, we definitely don’t encourage that- but each to their own!

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Keep Them Comfortable

Their need to jump around in water or roll in mud can be a nightmare- but it’s our responsibility to keep them clean and dry. We have to pick up after their waste and ultimately baby-sit them. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it. Another element of keeping them comfortable is to ensure they have dry, clean and comfortable bedding.

There are so many different types of beds, it’s just a matter of finding their preference. You can also pick up hygiene products and grooming items too that will keep them healthy. You may wish to dress them in doggy apparel and ensure their warm too.

Puppy Sleeping

Regular Check-Ups

Regular check-ups at the vet are needed in order to maintain a healthy dog. Find a local vet, take out pet insurance and ensure a routine check. If you see anything out the ordinary or they seem to be mopping around then you will need to go sooner rather than later. It doesn’t usually take long and it’s worth being on the safe side where this is concerned. Too many owners wait until they have to go and this not only jeopardises their health but it will also work out more costly in the long run.

These ten aspects of maintaining a healthy and happy dog are all pretty simple to carry out and also self-explanatory yet they are quite often unobserved. Keep your dog happy with a good diet, a lot of love and everything they need. There’s something so rewarding about taking care of your pet and they will be sure to return all your efforts in their loving way!  Dog lovers everywhere can now make sure their furry friend has optimal health.

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