Top Dog Recommends: BarkCam

BarkCam is a fun new photo sharing app which allows you to take unique photos of your pup, similar to Instagram but for dogs!

It can be difficult trying to snap the perfect picture of your dog, it usually involves bribery with treats. The new BarkCam app which has been created by the Bark & Co family allows you to play a sound clip to get your dog’s attention, amazing!

BarkCam App

Image : BarkCam

There are various sound clips to choose from, a barking dog, cat meows, squeak toys and doorbells to name a few. Choose the sound you want and tap the button, this triggers the sound and encourages your dog to look at the camera before taking a snap.

BarkCam Example

Image : BarkCam

You can then edit the photos with different filters and text speech bubbles. Then share the photos just like on Instagram, don’t forget to #BarkCam.

BarkCam is available on the Apple app store with a planned release for Android later on in the year.

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