Akita ID Tag Polka Dot


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Japanese Akitas are beautifully unique and their fluffy coat demands more than a piece of metal with their name engraved and attached to their collar- instead you can decorate their accessories with this stylish polka dot tag.  

Our dog is part of our family and although they will usually answer your call or want to stay near you for the most part, many dogs get overzealous and may end up lost. That’s where the tag comes in- simply let others know your dog is chipped or a way in which they can contact you. 

All dogs are required to have a tag with your contact details and address, this is a legal regulation within the UK and is something that a responsible owner always look to do. But we don’t want to put our beloved dog in something we hate the look of, thankfully we love creating dog accessories and for that reason we have made this beautifully designed polka dot Akita ID tag for them. 

Not only can you embrace the polka dot pattern and selection of eight colours but you will also be able to enjoy the akita illustration, select the from the dog colours before making your order. The colours of the tag include lilac, pink, orange, blue, grey, mint green, red and yellow.  

Pick from three different sizes with options of small, medium and large. The small is 25mm while the medium is 32mm and the biggest- 38mm. The tag is lightweight, robust and durable during all weather conditions. 

Add your address, contact details and their name to the tag to help the finder of your dog contact you. The dog colouring should match your Japanese Akita, the choices are red, black, black and white, grey brindle, brindle and white. 

Key Features

  • Tag Size: Medium 32mm Large 38mm  
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: Mint Green, Lilac, Pink, Orange, Grey, Red, Yellow and Blue 
  • Aluminium  
  • Customise your own Text for the Front and Reverse 
  • Personalised Japanese Akita Image 
  • Polka Dot Print