Bichon Frise / Cockapoo / Labradoodle ID Tag Heart


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Compliment the beautiful coat of your Bichon Frise, Labradoodle or Cockapoo with this heart-shaped Bichon Frise ID tag. Dogs are our best friends and even part of the family and that’s why we want to accessorise them with the very best!  

Thankfully we have selected some of the finest tags around- choose from the vibrant colours available here- they include lilac, pink, orange, yellow, red, grey, mint green and blue. Each colour may vary slightly when printed.  

Personalise the tag to match your gorgeous pet’s personality and even have their name printed on the front. In addition to the text you choose, you will also be able to enjoy an illustration of a Bichon Frise on the front. Opt for the closest match to your furry friend with different colours available including white, white and gold, ruby brown, golden, golden with a bow, cream, brown, black and tan, black and white-and black. 

If you have a gorgeous labradoodle or cockapoo then they can also enjoy this same tag that comes with a picture of them. Personalise it to suit and they will love strutting around in this design made with love.  

The tag is lightweight, durable and is resilient to all conditions, so when your dog starts sliding through mud you’ll be glad to know that the tag will be just fine! Even if your car or home carpet may not be… 

Key Features

  • Tag Size: Medium 32mm
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: Lilac, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red, Grey, Mint Green and Blue 
  • Aluminium  
  • Pick from different colour breed images 
  • Personalised Text 
  • Personalised Bichon Frise/ Labradoodle/ Cockapoo Image 
  • Heart Shape