Bulldog ID Tag Marble


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Your super-cuddly Bulldog will be the most adorable pup around as you add this stunning marble ID tag to their repertoire.  

Only real dog-lovers understand how our canine friends are more than just a pet, they become part of the family and that is why it is always nice to compliment their colourful personality with something a bit more jazzy than a mundane tag for the sake of it. 

The personalised tag comes in different colours, fonts and you can enter all of the essential details to ensure your dog is safe. The UK has made it mandatory for owners to tag their dog and in unfortunate circumstances; it means that your dog can be returned to you.  

Make a stand-out design by creating one that you love- pick from marble print colours that include white and gold, white marble, black and gold and rose gold. You can also choose the colour of the animated Bulldog picture to suit your pet, select from white, white with brown ears, fawn, brown or brown and white. It is also possible to scroll through three different fonts. 

The tag comes in small, medium and large sizes depending on which one your dog requires. If your playful dog is anything like most then it is likely they will be charging through wooded areas and sliding into puddles then you will be glad to learn that this tag is waterproof.  

Key Features

  • Small: 25mm. Medium: 32mm Large: 38mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: White and Gold, White, Black and Gold or Rose Gold 
  • Aluminium  
  • Personalised Text 
  • Personalised Bulldog Image 
  • Marble Print