Cavapoo ID Tag Polka Dot


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Your fluffy mischief maker will look completely adorable in one of these cavapoo ID tags, pick one that most suits them- you have the choice of eight colours and can even pick the Cavapoo image print that looks most like your dog. 

Cavapoo dogs are one of the cutest crossbreeds and their super-soft exterior matches their inner character, they are friendly and have stunning coats as you are well aware and that’s why it is a shame to simply add a metal tag around them for the sake of it. You can embrace this much-needed tag to their collar and it will be sure to resiliently withstand any rainy conditions or puddles that your dog dives into. 

Pick from the eight colours available with the likes of mint green, lilac, pink, orange, grey, red, yellow and blue. You can also pick six colours of Cavapoo for your dog image. In addition to choosing both the colour of the background and Cavapoo image, you will also be able to customise the text and choose from three tag sizes. 

Ensuring your little friend has tag is now a UK requirement and a legal necessity for dog owners- so be sure to add one to your dog’s collar. You can input your address, their name and your contact details. If you have them chipped then you can put that on the tag.  

  • Tag Size: Medium 32mm
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: Mint Green, Lilac, Pink, Orange, Grey, Red, Yellow and Blue 
  • Aluminium  
  • Customise your own Text for the Front and Reverse 
  • Personalised Capavoo Image 
  • Circular