Chihuahua ID Tag Copper


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Chihuahuas are renowned for being the most adorable little creatures on the face of the earth, the small, soft and friendly dogs are actually one of the smallest breeds and if you are anything like us- you feel they are perfect to decorate in gorgeous accessories.  

It is a necessity in the UK to tag your dog and all responsible owners are legally bound to input their address, name and contact number on the tag. With that said, nobody wants a bulky tag hanging off their dog and that’s why we have handcrafted some stylish Chihuahua ID Tags especially for your little beauty.  

They come with a copper coloured background and a print image of a Chihuahua. Pick from 25 different coloured dogs to match it with the coat of your furry friend. The tag is an adorable addition and it doesn’t have to be a mundane mandatory purchase- you can ensure that it adds to the flamboyant character of your chirpy pet. If your doggy goes on their own venture and winds up missing- then you will have peace of mind that somebody can contact you with the dog’s whereabouts. 

Customise details that you need with your address, their name and a greeting. You can add text, we then adjust it to fit the tag. Please bear in mind that the more text you create the smaller the font. The tag is a small one and is perfect for your dog, it comes as a 2.5cm sized tag. 

  • Tag Size: Small 25mm
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Print on Front & Reverse 
  • Custom Text 
  • Personalised Dog Image 
  • Copper Print