Chihuahua ID Tag Polka Dot


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Your gorgeous dog is more than just a pet and deserves more than a standard plain ID Tag, add this stunningly created ID tag especially for small dogs to your dog’s repertoire. Chihuahuas may be small in stature but they are known for huge personality and although they may latch onto your lap, if they do go venturing you want to know they are safe.  

An ID Tag should be more than just a plain standard silver or gold colour, engrave it with all the essential details but ensure it looks just as adorable as your furry friend.

This polka dot tag is the perfect ID tag for a small dog being super lightweight and it won't irritate your dog.

Pick from the eight available colours, with mint green, yellow, red, blue, lilac, pink, orange and grey. All of them come with the polka dot print and colours may vary slightly once printed. The tag comes with two ring attachments making it easy to add to your pet’s collar. 

Customise the text and add the dog image that most looks like your four-legged friend. You can input your address, contact phone number and even their name. If they are chipped then you can also put that information on the label too. The small tag is just 2.5cm and is perfect for your little family member.  

  • Tag Size: Small 25mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: Mint Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Lilac, Pink, Orange and Grey.
  • Personalised Text 
  • Personalised Chihuahua Image, pick from 25 breeds. 
  • Polka Dot Pattern