Chihuahua Universe ID Tag Heart


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Are Chihuahuas the coolest dogs on the planet? This personalised ID tag does a lot to add style to your little friend, it comes with a vibrant universe print design, comes in bright colours and is also shaped into a heart. 

If your loveable dog loves to run around and wander off, then you may wish to ensure that you have all the details you need on their tag. You should note that this is actually a legal requirement in the UK, all dog owners are responsible for tagging their dogs in case they are lost.  

Rather than choosing a big bulky tag that is completely unrelated to your little dog’s personality, why not jazz it up a little? The tag comes in sparkly pinks and purple colours and boasts four different designs- choose your favourite and be sure to add the customised text that you require.

You can also pick from several Chihuahua images to match the colour of your dog, there are 25 different types.  Add text of your choice to the front and back of this tag, there is a character limit so keep text concise. 

This tag comes in one size and is easily attached to your dog’s collar, it comes with two different rings to ensure it fits with ease.  

  • Tag Size: Medium 32mm
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Multi Colour Background 
  • Aluminium  
  • Personalised Text 
  • Personalised Chihuahua Image 
  • Heart Shape