Dachshund ID Tag Polka Dot


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Gift your little doggy with this adorable polka dot ID tag for their collar, it is lightweight and doesn’t interfere during their walkies. Dachshund are some of the most adorable dogs to grace the earth and adding a chic polka dot tag to their coat makes them unbelievably cute! 

It is a necessity for dog owners to tag their dog and there’s nothing worse than the big bulky tags that merely state their name and your address- instead you can work them to your advantage and add to your dog’s stunning look. They will soon be the talk of the street with this polka dot tag, the small ID dog tag comes in various colours and you can also choose from 32 different Dachshund images to find the one that best matches your pet. 

The tag has been created for small collars and small dogs respectively; they are 25mm and are not an abrupt addition. They are stunningly created to enhance your dog’s character, plus they also have been created to withstand all conditions. Add your dogs name, your address, contact number and ensure that your pet is returned to your home in-case of an unfortunate incident where your dog is lost. 

It comes in one size, small and can be easily clipped to their collar without being a nuisance to them. Find your favourite colour Dachshund image, and add this circular tag to your pet. 

  • Tag Size: Small 25mm
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Eight Colours: Pink, Mint Green, Yellow, Red, Lilac, Blue, Orange and Grey 
  • Pattern: Polka Dot 
  • Aluminium  
  • Choice of Three Fonts 
  • Personalised Text 
  • Personalised Dachshund Image 
  • Circular