Dachshund ID Tag Heart


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Your stunning Dachshund will be the talk of the park with this heart-shaped ID tag, not only does it enable you to customise the text and add their name but you can also enjoy the choice of multiple colours and even pick an image of a Dachshund. 

Why not pick the closest match to your adorable four-legged family member? There are different options to pick from, with grey and tan, dark brown and tan, black and tan, longhaired silver, dapple brown and more. Select the Dachshund that looks most like yours and enjoy the addition of the image on your baby’s tag. 

Our dogs are more than just a pet that we confine to our home, they are part of the family, they join our holidays, special occasions, our meditational walks and little adventures. That’s why we have to keep them safe and in case they do get overzealous with their walk they have the address, name and contact details on their tag. It is not only a precaution it is a requirement for dog owners in the UK. 

Customise your favourite Dachshund ID tag with this heart pendant, it comes with the choice of colours, dog images and even three fonts. You can also pick the size that you require with options that include small, medium and large. 

  • Small: 25mm. Medium: 32mm Large: 38mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: Lilac, Mint Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow and Light Grey 
  • Aluminium  
  • Pick of different breeds for the Image 
  • Custom Text 
  • Personalised Image 
  • Heart Shaped