Dachshund ID Tag Marble


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You have already adopted the cutest breed in the world but to add to things you can now make your Dachshund more adorable with these personalised ID tags.  

Customise them to match the character of your dog, you can choose the colour, the closest illustration match from the list of Dachshund and also add the text that you want on there. Simply add the necessary text and pick from three fonts or add a little message that comes from your furry friend- they could ask the finder to directly return them to their Mum or Dad by contacting the number engraved to the tag.  

This stunning design comes in various colours with a marble print- select from colours including white and gold, white marble, black and gold and rose gold. Not only can you select the colour to best suit your pet but you can also customise the text, the font and 27 different types of Dachshund dogs in different shades and coats. 

Feel free to add another tag for a lesser cost in order to fit everything you need onto them- although it is also possible to print on both the front and back. The design is permanent and can endure much of your dog’s playful antics that often end up muddy.  

  • Small: 25mm. Medium: 32mm Large: 38mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: Rose Gold, White and Gold, White, or Black and Gold 
  • Aluminium  
  • Your Choice of Text 
  • Daschund Image 
  • Marble Print