Bulldog ID Tag Polka Dot


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Your beautiful bulldog will look gorgeous in this polka dot patterned ID tag- it is always nice to add more character to our lovable rogue (as if they need to add to their personality) and what’s more, it comes with a replica image of them! 

It is now a necessity to abide by UK regulations; all dogs need to be tagged in the case of getting lost from their owner. Each tag should have your address, contact number and their name on. But why endure a standard tag when you can embrace this polka dot design with a bulldog illustration.  

Speaking of our furry friend being a rogue, if they are like many other playful pups then they will be apt to sliding through mud just for you to clean up after them, thankfully these personalised bulldog ID tags have been created with that in mind and can withstand adverse conditions.  

Pick your favourite colour with tags that come in red, yellow, grey, mint green, grey, blue, orange, pink and lilac. You can also choose the colour of the dog illustration to match your very own pet- the options include white with brown ears, white, fawn, brown and white and brown. 

Other ways to customise your purchase is to select from small, medium and large. Add text to the front and back with all the much-needed details.  

  • Tag Size: Medium 32mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: White and Gold, White, Black and Gold or Rose Gold 
  • Aluminium  
  • Choice of Fonts 
  • Your Text 
  • Customised Bulldog Image 
  • Polka Dot Print