French Bulldog ID Tag Heart


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A loving Frenchie needs adorable accessories and owners know that as much as any other dog lover. Although the ID Tag is now a requirement in the UK there is no reason not to decorate them with a heart shaped design and stunning dog prints. 

These personalised dog tags not only come in a variety of colours but they even have a picture of a personally chosen French Bulldog on the front that will be sure to melt your heart. The gorgeous print of the dog comes in various shades to match your dog’s coat. 

The chic French Bulldog ID Tag comes in a variety of colours including, lilac, orange, mint green, red, light grey pink, blue, and yellow. You also have the beautiful design sure to suit your Frenchie with the hear shape tag. 

As animal lovers we enjoy all of the process from the picture on the front to the colour but it is also imperative to have all of the required information printed, this includes their name, your address, contact number and anything else you feel is relevant. There is no restriction on characters so ensure that you put everything you feel is needed, as this is super-important for our little friends in case we were to lose them in an unlikely situation. 

Key Features

  • Small: 25mm. Medium: 32mm Large: 38mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: mint green, lilac, orange, red, light grey, blue, pink and yellow  
  • French Bulldog Image 
  • Heart Shape Tag 
  • Withstand All Conditions 
  • Lightweight Aluminium  
  • Personalised Text