German Shepherd ID Tag Polka Dot


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As dog lovers we do not do things by halves, if it is a requirement to get our pet chipped then we will do it properly! That is where this stunning German Shepherd ID Tag comes in- it showcases an adorable polka dot pattern and is available in some vibrant colours. 

Alsatians are renowned for their bond with people and are known for being some of the greatest thinkers known to the species, probably why you should consider kitting them up in some of the nicer tags available. This gorgeous ID tag is not only lightweight and durable but it has a cute German Shepherd print on the front and comes in eight colours.  

It is available in pink, mint green, lilac, orange, red, light grey, blue and yellow. There are so many to choose from meaning that you can find the one that most suits your canine’s coat. 

Although it is a lot of fun picking out an ID Tag for your Alsatian amongst other presents for them- it is actually a necessity to have your pet chipped. In the UK laws of ownership now state that your dog needs to be chipped in-case of an unfortunate circumstance. If your dog runs away or gets lost during their walk time then your address can easily be tracked.  

Key Features

  • Small: 25mm. Medium: 32mm Large: 38mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm  
  • Colours: mint green, lilac, orange, red, light grey, blue, pink and yellow  
  • Personalised Text 
  • German Shepherd Image 
  • Polka Dot Pattern 
  • Withstand All Conditions 
  • Lightweight Aluminium