Labrador ID Tag Polka Dot


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Your faithful four-legged companion deserves to look their best at all times, especially during walkies. And we guarantee they will look fetching with one of these personalised Labrador polka dot ID tags.

Not only is it the ultimate fashion accessory to make all their furry friends howl with jealousy, but it will help them comply with the law too; all dogs must wear a tag with their owner’s details on when in public, as well as being chipped. With this particular design, both the real police and the fashion police will be kept happy.

Labradors generally come in three colours, which is why you can choose the picture which best matches their fur (yellow, black or brown). Plus, you can select the colour of the actual tag and its size to match their fun personality (and maybe even their coat/lead/collar).

You also have full reign over the text you include on the front and back. Put their name on or simply just your family surname, ‘I’m Chipped’ or any essential medical info, plus your contact details. As the print is clear and legible to read, should the worst happen and your pooch runs off, whoever finds them can contact you or return them with ease.

Everything is printed on to the aluminium tag, so there is little risk of it rubbing off or becoming scratched and damaged. This means you do not need to worry about the times when your doggy is a little devil and excitedly goes running off through the woods!

It is also lightweight, so won’t disturb them or make them uncomfortable - in fact, they probably won’t even realise they are wearing it.

  • Tag Size - Medium: 32mm 
  • Depth/Thickness: 1mm
  • Colours: Pink, Blue, Red, Lilac, Mint, Light Grey, Pale Orange, Pale Yellow
  • Aluminium
  • Personalised Text
  • Personalised Image
  • Polka Dot Print