Mother of Dogs

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The Mother of Dogs is a powerful title and not one that can be thrown around willy-nilly, this cup is perfect for a dog lover. It’s even better for a Game of Thrones enthusiast who is also an owner of multiple dogs. The cup is a take on the famous programme and also incorporates something for animal lovers.  

The cup is for a Mother of Dogs and it also displays some similarities with the popular television show. As we know- dogs aren’t just pets they are part of the family and for us they are our children.  

This is a great treat for yourself or the perfect dog lovers gift. This is also an ideal Game of Thrones gift.  

The mug comes with a text that reads “Mother of Dogs” a play on the Mother of Dragons title closely related to the show. It also has some similar icons and an illustration of two dogs. 

Key Features

  • Ceramic 
  • Glossy finish
  • Mother of Dragons Print 
  • Stylish Font 
  • One Size Regular 11oz
  • Dishwasher Safe