Personalised Dog Birthday Cake Medium 5"

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Your adorable buddy deserves the very best birthday, one to get their tail wagging and having them woofing through the Birthday song verse. We all get to enjoy our own special days, so why not treat your furry friend? 

This personalised birthday cake can be customised to your taste, or should we say for your little pup’s? You can pick the flavour, colour of the ribbon as well as adding the age and name of your dog to the cake. Gift your adopted family member a day to remember, they love fuss on any day and will be truly grateful for this tasty birthday cake.  

This Personalised Dog Birthday Cake will have their name on the icing, the option of blue, pink or purple ribbons and their age on the candle. The dog friendly cake comes in two flavours- a delicious peanut butter or carob. Carob is a natural chocolate, far healthier and safe for all dogs. 

There’s a range of birthday gifts available for you to spoil your dog with, this birthday cake will allow you to shine the spotlight on your favourite animal and they can even share their treat with fellow doggies. You are probably thinking what we are, there’s not much chance of any sharing! 

  • Sugar and fat free 
  • Size- 5” 
  • Allow five days for the cake to be processed and a further two for delivery 
  • Comes with a dog bone biscuit border 
  • Choose from peanut butter and carob flavour 
  • Enter your pet’s age, name and the date the cake is required for