Personalised Dog Birthday Cake Mini 4"

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Light up candles for your precious pet as you personalise this mini birthday cake. It looks appetising for the fussiest of people, never mind for the dog that tends to drool over pretty much every food item in the household.  

They will be over the moon with this tasty cake, it comes in either pink, purple or blue  writing and will showcase their name and their age on the candle. You also have the choice of different ribbons that include blue, pink and purple.  

It goes without saying that the cake is completely safe for dog consumption and the chocolate flavour is actually carob, a natural type of chocolate that is safe for all dogs. Alternatively you can opt in for the peanut butter one.  

When ordering for your cute dog you will be required to type in some details to ensure that the cake is specifically designed just for them. Input their name, age and the date that it is required for, you will need to give at least five to seven days notice before ordering.  

Celebrate this big day with a white icing, text and dog bone biscuits spread around the border.  

Key Features

  • Fat and sugar free 
  • Choose Pink, Blue or Purple
  • Size 4” 
  • Make the order week in advance to ensure delivery on time and include the date required. It will take five days to create and two to deliver. 
  • Dog bone biscuit border 
  • Flavours include peanut butter and carob flavour 
  • Enter your pet’s age, name and the date the cake is required for