Personalised Dog Towel


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As much as we like to share with our four-paw companions they do tend to get quite a bit muddier than we generally do and that’s why the best gift you could get for them is a personalised dog towel with a paw print and their name. 

There’s something so satisfying about pleasing our pets and it comes down to the fact that they are so easily pleased and just being in our presence gets their tail wagging- that is why we love to buy the odd treat for our dogs. It doesn’t always have to be food either- this luxurious towel is super-soft and is equally as cute. It comes in different colours and also has a paw embroidered to the front just above where their name will be situated. 

You can choose from red, black, cream, grey and chocolate when picking the colour of the towel and you can then pick the colour of the embroidered text, with the choice of ivory, black, chocolate, pale blue, pale pink, red and white. Pick from small or large sizes to suit your dog and that towels purpose- if you are looking at utilising it after your crazy dog goes jumping into a lake or pool then you may want to opt in for the bigger option! 

Key Features

  • Colours available are: Chocolate, Black, Charcoal Grey, Cream & Red 
  • Embroidery Colours: Ivory, Black, Chocolate, Pale Blue, Pale Pink & Red 
  • Small: 50cm x 85cm 
  • Large: 70cm x 130cm 
  • Personalised Text / Name up to 10 Characters