Personalised Dog Toy Storage Basket Dog


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We love our furry friends and the unconditional companionship but even some of our most trained canines leave a mess around our home.  

That’s where this specific toy storage basket comes in handy- it has a cute embroidery and will soon be come an invaluable addition to your household.

Despite its simplicity it has number of great functions- it acts as storage and helps eliminate untidy mess. You can easily pack away their toys and dog treats into this storage and what’s great is that they will actually revel in the discovery of this basket- your little friend will soon be hunting out their favourite toy. 

Lets face it though- for the most part their favourite one is the one that is in your hand. No doubt they will try to hog just about everything they get their paws on. If your dog is well-behaved and easily trained then you may even be able to make a game of putting away their toys leaving you without mess after their playful action. 

The stunning storage toy basket comes with a paw embroidery and you can personalise the text to your dog’s name. It will read “[Their Name] Toys” and it also possesses two strong rope handles to ensure it is easy to move around. This purchase doubles up as a gift for yourself and your doggy, you will be able to clear away their mess before visitors in no-time and your dog will embrace the treasure hunt. 

Key Features

  • Approx 30 x 30cm 
  • Personalise the name 
  • 100% Cotton Canvas 
  • Dog Toys not included